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Company NamePT. Maunsell Consultants Ind.
AddressJl. Palatehan Raya No. 1A, 2nd Floor
Jakarta Selatan 12160
Phone Number62 21 727 98 110 / 62 21 727 96 603
Key Personnel

Managing Director




General Description

Maunsell is a foreign owned Indonesian firm of consulting engineers, planners, environmental scientists, and project managers and is a member of the international Maunsell – AeCOM group of companies.

Maunsell was opened and established in early 1997, however Maunsell have been operating in (previously through Bita Mulia Mandiri) for the past 9 years and have built up a solid reputation in design and supervision services.

PT Maunsell Consultants Indonesia (Maunsell) is committed to providing engineering consultancy excellence in .  We are a part of the Maunsell –AeCOM group, who are recognised as one of the world’s leading engineering groups and the foremost independent firm of consulting engineers in Asia, and the Pacific Region.   

Maunsell understands the Indonesian market, with over 30 years of project experience in and the South East Asian region.


Total                :           25 Persons

Engineers        :         10 Persons


  •          Civil and structural engineering

  •          Mining and industry consultants

  •          Marine and Coastal engineering

  •          Environmental engineering

  •          Water and waste water engineering

  •          Planning and economic services

  •          Project management

Field of Specialisation

  •          Transport planning

  •          Urban Planning

  •          Economic and financial evaluation

  •          Project planning

  •          Community consultation

  •          Rail and mass transit

  •          Traffic engineering

  •          Materials handling

  •          Material processing

  •          Bridges

  •          Underground structures

  •          Tunnels

  •          Maritime facilities

  •          Geotechnical engineering

  •          Buildings and special structures

  •          Urban development

  •          Water and wastewater

  •          Waste management

  •          Land rehabilitation

  •          Dams

  •          Bulk storage facilities

  •          Manufacturing facilities

  •          Electrical and power

  •          Industrial and commercial

  •          Smelting

Typical Project

Maunsell possess extensive and broad experience in various projects including in transport infrastructures, Industrial estate, Housing estate, facilities and mining sectors:

  • 2004 - Current   Terminal Peti Kemas Surabaya (PT TPS)

                                    Client:   Terminal Petikemas Surabaya

  • 2002- April 2006  Portindo Banten Container Terminal 

                                    Client:   Portex

  • 1999- 2006   Jakarta International Container Terminal – Civil Upgrading Works

                                    Client:   Hutchison Port Holdings

  • 2004       Newmont Horas Nauli Jetty

                                    Client:   PT Newmont Horas Nauli

  • 2001        Weda Bay Airstrip Design – Stage One

                                    Client:   PT Weda Bay Nickel

  • 2000       Construction Supervision of Palm Oil Mill and Infrastructure

                                    Client:   PT Hindoli (Cargill)


  • 2000        Kangar Consolidated Industries – Drainage Rehabilitation

                                    Client:   Bilfinger + Berger

  • 1999        Palm Oil Mill Extension Design Review

                                    Client:   PT Hindoli (Cargill)

  •   1999      GPS/GIS system for Hindoli (Cargill) Palm Oil Mill Infrastructure

                                    Client:   PT Hindoli (Cargill)

  • 1999        NewBatu Hijau Gold/Copper Mine WWTP Civil Works, Sumbawa, .

                                    Client:   John Holland Construction

  • 1998         Musi Adminstration Building

                                    Client:   Joint Operation: Holland- Ballast – Thiess

  • 1998        Jakarta Outer Ring Road         

                                    Client:   Joint Operation: Yala Perkasa - Bilfinger + Berger

  • 1998        Danau Biru LK400 Macro Infrastructure Study for Lippo Group.

                                    Client:   Lippo Corporation

  • 1998        Bojonegara Industrial Estate

                                    Client:   Bank Tata Group

  •  1998       Riau Townsite

                                    Client:   RGM Group

  • 1998        Taman Martabe Development

                                    Client:   PT. Taipan International Resorts

  • 1997        Dawas River Barge Terminal

                                    Client:   PT Hindoli/Cargill

  • 1997        Palm Oil Mill Infrastructure

                                    Client:   PT Hindoli/Cargill

  • 1997        Musi Pulp Mill Pavements

                                    Client:   Joint Operation: Holland- Ballast - Thiess

  • 1997        Feasibility Study of the Semarang - Solo Section 10 Tollway

                                    Client:   PT. Karsa Semesta Indah/Nishimatsu

  •  1997       Cikampek - Padalarang Toll Road

                                    Client: PT. Citra Ganesha Marga Nusantara

  • 1997        Bumimas Square Traffic Impact Assessment

                                    Client:   Bumimas

  • 1977        Balarajah Traffic Impact Assessment

                                    Client:   PT Graha Permai Raharja

  • 1997         Sebuku Barging/Shipping Study

                                    Client:   PT Bahari Cakrawala Sebuku

  • 1997         Bojenegara Container Terminal

                                    Client:   Hutchinson Port Holdings

  • 1997          Batam Shipyard Phase 1,

                                    Client:   Pan United Engineering/MCS

  • 1997          BHPP Casting Basin,

                                    Client:   MGM John Holland Aker Construction

  • 1997           Tuban,

                                    Client:   McConnell Dowell

  • 1996           Bandung Light Rail

  • 1996           Southern Sumatera Coal Transportation Study                                                                                                               The study was undertaken for the joint venture companies of PT Mapco and PT Bukit Asam.

                                    Client:   Bechtel

  • 1996           Palm Oil Mill

                                  Undertook the detailed civil and structural engineering design for a new Palm Oil Mill in South Sumatera. 

                                    Client:   P.T. Hindoli (Cargill)

  • 1996          Semarang to Solo Toll Road

                                   Appointed to undertake the preliminary engineering design for 68km of toll road in Central Java. 

                                    Client:   Karsa Semesta Indah/Nishimatsu


  • 1996          Waterfront City

                                    Client:   P.T. Manggala Krida Yudha

  • 1996         Surabaya Zoo

                                  Maunsell are undertaking the civil engineering design and documentation of a new 30 hectare zoological gardens in Surabaya.

                                    Client:   P.T. Cipta Astaka Surya

  • 1996          Cariu Residential, Resort and Golf Course

                                    Client:   Modern Group of Companies

  • 1996          Parangtritis Residential, Resort and Golf Course, Java

                                    Client:   Modern Group of Companies

  • 1996          Paiton Phase II Jetty, East Java,

                                    Client:   Maunsell Consultants, Singapore/Antara Koh

  • 1996         Trawas Residential, Resort and Golf Course, Surabaya

                                    Client:   Modern Group of Companies

  • 1996          Lombok Resort

                                    Client:   Modern Group of Companies

  • 1996          Tuban Marine Terminal,

                                    Client:   Maunsell Consultants, Singapore/Antara Koh

  • 1996           Coca Cola Factory

                                    Client:   Lend Lease

  • 1996            Cileunyi-Nagreg Toll Road    

                                    Client: Widjaya Karya

  • 1995              Building Tower Audit

                          Maunsell has been appointed to carry out an independent audit of a recently   completed, major building project in Jakarta.

  • 1995              Solo-Yogyakarta Toll Road

  • 1995              Matahari Tower

                                    Client:   Lippo Development

  • 1995             Surabaya and Cirebon Toll Roads

                                    Client:   Nishimatsu & Gunung Sewu Group

  • 1995             Balaraja Industrial Estate

                                    Client:   Bank Tata Group

  • 1995             Bumimas Square

                          Maunsell provided specialist traffic engineering advice for a major commercial development of 160,000 m2 of retail and office space in Central Jakarta.

                                    Client:   Bank Tata Group

  • 1995             Jakarta Solid Waste Project 

                          As part of an OECF loan the Jakarta municipal council is currently upgrading the process of solid waste disposal in the city of Jakarta.

                                    Client:   Yachiyo Engineering

  • 1995          Kelian Heavy Vehicle Workshop

                          Maunsell in association with Bita Enarcon Engineering undertook the design of the portal framed heavy vehicle workshop at the Kelian Equatorial mine site in Kalimantan.

                                    Client: Development Strategies International

  • 1994                 Kalimantan Water Supply

                          A study domestic and process water supply options for a major industrial project to overcome existing pollution problems from other nearby activities.

  • 1994                 BDNI Building, Jakarta

                          Geotechnical design and PDA pile testing for a 50 storey building.  This will be Jakarta’s tallest.

  • 1994                 Mampang & Gatot Soebroto Flyovers, Jakarta.

  • 1994                 Ban-Pu Transportation Study

                          Maunsell undertook a assessment and analysis of trucking and barging transport options to a number of destinations from the Mampun Pandan coal mine deposit in the province of Jambi, Sumatra for Ban-Pu international.                Client: Ban-Pu International Limited


  • 1994                 Surabaya Development

                          Halpern Glick Maunsell and Indonesian Consultants, Bita Enarcon are providing engineering appraisals and input to master planners Development Strategies..

                                    Client:   Development Strategies International

  • 1994          Chinatown Hotel

                          Together with architects, Silver Thomas Hanley, a preliminary design has been prepared for an eight storey hotel and function centre in Chinatown.

  • 1993                 Batam Shipyard Feasibility Study

                          A preliminary feasibility study for establishment of a shipbuilding and ship repair facility within the proposed Asia Port complex, east Batam, 1993.

  • 1993                 North Pulau Laut Coal Terminal Pile Testing

                          Dynamic pile testing of steel piles and assisting Ballast with direct load testing and assessment of pile installation for a offshore coal loading facility.

                                    Client:   Ballast

  • 1993          Lippo Village

                          Preliminary engineering design of the infrastructure for the 400 hectare new town on Jakarta's outskirts.

                                    Client:   Lippo Bank

  • 1993                 Australian Embassy, Jakarta

                          Structural and civil design of the new Embassy including a five-level chancery building, a three-level amenities building and a 25-metre-long elevated swimming pool. 

                                    Client:   PT John Holland

  • 1991                 Talvas Marina, Batam Island

                          Studies and design for the development of a marina on this island resort close to . 

                                    Client:   Ballast

  • 1991          Kaltim Prima Coal, East Kalimantan

                          Maunsell, in partnership with Minenco was responsible for engineering management of the marine export facilities, overland conveyor system and stockpile system for seven million tonnes of coal per annum. 

                                    Client:   Perusahaan Umum Tambang Batubara

  • 1991          Port of Cirebon Container Terminal Study

                          Prefeasibility study examining the potential of the Port of Cirebon for the development of a container terminal for feeder trade.

  • 1991     North Pulau Laut Coal Terminal Stockpile

                          work lead by Maunsell and carried out in conjunction with Minenco and BMM.

                                    Client:   PT ArutminI 


Project Experience Power Sector

Maunsell’s track records in power sector include:

  • September 2007 - On-going, Regional Rural Electrification Master Plan Studies.

                          Maunsell is contracted by World Bank to prepare of the electrification master plan for North Sumatera, South Sumatera, West Java and North Sulawesi.

  • 2006- On-going, Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Plant Project for Star Energy Ltd in Pangalengan, West Java Province .

                          Project preparation, bid documents, procurement, construction supervision and commissioning for second 110MW Geothermal turbine-generator plant and associated structures including Steam above ground system pipe line, Auxiliary plant, Distribution control system and Other civil works. The project is to be carried out over a three years period.

  • February 2004 – Ongoing, Project Implementation Consultant for the Renewable Energy Development and Power Sector Improvement Projects for PT PLN (Persero) / ADB


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