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Company Name PT. Surtech Utama Indonesia
AddressSatmarindo BuildingJl. Ampera Raya No.5, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan 12560
Phone NumberTel: +62 21 7883-4813 Fax: +62 21 7883-4913
•    Gregory John Neubecker
•    Bambang Hartawan
•    Leslie James Walsh
General DescriptionSpecializing in surveying services for the resource and construction sectors, Surtech provides a comprehensive range of services necessary to facilitate large and small scale project developments.
PersonnelTotal              ------------------- 51
Engineers    ------------------- 24
ServicesSurtech providing consulting surveying and mapping services to private companies and government agencies. The company carries all of the relevant licenses and permits required to undertake projects for the various government institutions such as the Department of Mines and Energy, Migas and Pertamina
Field of SpecialisationLand Survey and 3D Laser Scanning.
Typical ProjectLAND SURVEY

•    Toka Tindung, Gold Project, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Aurora Gold Company.
•    Bukit Asam Overland Conveyor, Sumatera, Indonesia. Trans-Bakrie.
•    Kelian River, Diversion Project, Bechtel-PT.CRA, Kalimantan, Indonesia.
•    Gosowong Gold Project, Halmahera Island, Indonesia. Newcrest Mining.
•    Exploration Project, Kalimantan & Java, Indonesia. Indochina Goldfields.
•    Rawas Gold Project, Sumatera, Indonesia. Laverton Gold.
•    Jampang Gold Project, West Java, Indonesia. Mispec Resources.
•    Miwah, North Sumatera, Indonesia. Highland Gold.
•    Gosowong Gold Project, Halmahera  Island, Indonesia. Kvaener Metals Australia.

•    Minahasa Gold Project, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Newmont Mining.
•    Jian Cha Ling Project, Shanxi Province, China. Sino Mining International.
•    Bukit Baiduri Coal Project, Kalimantan, Indonesia. PT. Petrosea.
•    Minahasa Gold Project, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. PT. Petrosea.
•    Kaltim Prima Coal (Rio Tinto), Kalimantan, Indonesia.PT. Petrosea.
•    Cikondang Gold Project, West Java, Indonesia. Chase Resources Corp.
•    Moa Nickel Mine, Cuba. Sherritt Technology.
•    Texmaco Pulp and Paper Project, Irian Jaya, Indonesia. PT. SNC Lavalin-TPS.
•    Pulp and Paper Project, Kalimantan, Indonesia. Enso Forest Dev. Ltd.
•    Arco Bali North Gas Project, Pagerungan Island, Indonesia. PT. Petrosea Arco Ltd.
•    Baganite & Totopo, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Newcrest Mining Ltd.
•    Sibolga, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. Normandy Anglo Asia Pte. Ltd.
•    Batu Hijau, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. Thiess Darma Henwa for Newmont Mining.
•    Batu Hijau, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. Henry Walker Eltim for Newmont Mining.
•    Gag Island Nickel Project, Irian Jaya, Indonesia. BHP Minerals.
•    Minahasa Gold Project, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Newmont Mining.
•    Tunu 7 EPSC 2 Pipeline Project, Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan. PT. Petrosea/ Total Indonesia.
•    Satui Coal Project, Kalimantan, Indonesia. BHP Minerals.
•    Rapu Rapu Project, Rapu Rapu Island, Philippines. Lafayette Mining NL.
•    PT. Freeport Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Freeport McMoran.
•    Senakin & Satui Coal Mines, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. BHP Minerals & Thiess Ltd.
•    KCI Glass Factory, Bekasi, Indonesia. Maunsell Engineering.
•    Phase 3 Oil FSO & LPG FPSO site, Jambi, Sumatera, Indonesia. Santa Fe Energy Resources Jabung Ltd.
•    Sopokomil Expl. Project, North Sumatera, Indonesia. Herald Resources.
•    Cibaluing Expl. Project, West Java, Indonesia. Austindo Resources Corp. NL.
•    ST Jago Load Out Facility & Rail Road, Clarendon, Jamaica. HWE & Alcoa.
•    Tunu 8 EPSC 2 Pipeline Project, Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. McConnel Dowell / Total Indonesia.     
•    Kelian Gold Mine, Kalimantan Indoneisa. Rio Tinto.
•    Baup Gold Project, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Pacific Wildcat Corp.
•    Cikotok Gold Project, West Java, Indonesia. Atapa Minerals.Gravity Irrigation Shceme, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara.
•    Soroako, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. INCO
•    Eunsan Gold Mine, Seonsang, South Korea. Ivanhoe Mines.
•    Modi Tuang, Myanmar. Ivanhoe Mines.
•    Batu Hijau, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. Newmont Mining Corp.
•    Maruwai Coal, Kalimantan, Indonesia. BHP Billiton.
•    Turquoise Hill, God Desert, Mongolia. Ivanhoe Mines.
•    Juloi Coal, Kalimantan, Indonesia. BHP Billiton.
•    Recconn, Gobi Desert, Mongolia. Ivanhoe Mines.


•    3D modelling of 2 crude units in BP Gelsenkirchen Refinery - BP International Ltd.
•    Pilot Project for 3D Laser Scanning and modeling of 3 offshore platforms - WorleyParsons (Abu Dhabi) for ADMA OPCO Company.
•    3D modelling of BP Bulwer Island Refinery (Crude Unit 1) – BP Bulwer Island Refinery Pty Ltd.
•    3D Laser Scanning and modeling of 2 offshore platforms – Maersk Oil Qatar AS.
•    3D modeling of Alky Plant – BP Bulwer Island Refinery Pty Ltd.
•    Dimensional Control Survey by 3D Laser Scanning methodology – Sempec Indonesia.
•    Laser Scanning and 3D modeling for the Woodside Line V expansion project – Forter Wheeler / Worley Parsons JV.
•    Laser Scanning and point cloud deliverable for almost entire Refinery Facility – BP Bulwer Island Refinery Pty. Ltd.
•    3D Laser Scanning and modeling of 58 offshore platforms – WorleyPetrocon Consortium for Saudi Aramco.
•    Scanning and modeling slag furnace area during operation to facilitate design and fitting of mechanized robotic skimming arm – PT. International Nickel Indoneisa Tbk.
•    Sanning and modeling two separate offshore platforms for critical tie-ins prior to design for major refit and upgrading – Sempec/Amec JV.
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