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Sheils Flynn Asia
Company NameSheils Flynn Asia
AddressKe b u n R a y a B o g o r - C e m p a k a G u e s t H o u s e
J a l a n I r. H. J u a n d a 1 3 B o g o r - 1 6 1 2 2
J a w a B a r a t - I n d o n e s i a
Phone Numbertelp : + 6 2 ( 0 ) 2 5 1 3 1 0 9 4 5 fax : + 6 2 ( 0 ) 2 5 1 3 0 6 0 1 6
Websitew w w . s h e i l s f l y n n a s i a . c o m
Emaila s i a @ s h e i l s f l y n n . c o m
Stephen Flynn BLArch, AILA
Eoghan Sheils BA (Hons) Dip LA, MLI
Kate Collins MA, MLA, MLAUD, MLI
Ir. Yannes Pasaribu
Ir. Iman Prastoto Septadarma
Ir. Rahman Andra Wijaya, MT, IALI
General DescriptionSheils Flynn Asia is based in
Indonesia’s internationally renowned
botanical gardens, the Kebun Raya Bogor
has a fast growing reputation for
creative, responsible design. Every
project celebrates the distinctive spirit of
a place – aiming to make connections,
stretch the imagination and inspire a
vision. Sensitivity to interpreting local
places is balanced by a pragmatic
awareness that design schemes must be
economically viable and a recognition that
investment in landscape be focused to
maximise potential economic benefits
PersonnelTotal                                                         16
Landscape Architect / Architect         8
Sheils Flynn Asia is an award winning
collaboration, combining the talent and
enthusiasm of designers, Eoghan Sheils,
Yannes Pasaribu, Stephen Flynn and Kate
Collins. Together, we offer a diverse
range of skills and experience drawn from
Europe, America, Asia and Australia. We
aim to create high quality, meaningful
landscapes which are appropriate and
valued by their inhabitants and which
celebrate the local spirit of a place.
All our projects, whether in the field of
landscape architecture, landscape
planning or urban design, are
characterised by the sensitive
interpretation of a unique site. Working
closely with our clients, and always in
consultation with local communities, we
are dedicated to inspiring and realising
their vision.
Sheils Flynn Asia provides a hands-on
approach to all of our landscape and
urban design service in Indonesia and the
UK. Our experience covers a wide and
diverse range of designed spaces,
including new urban squares, riverside
parks, landscape restoration schemes

and the revitalisation of streetscapes.Responsibility for the overall design
project will be undertaken at expatriate
director level, ensuring first class service
and an international quality of design.
Project management, design development
and drawing roles will be undertaken
using skilled local personnel with
supervision at director and manager level.
This combination leads to high quality
results within economic levels of design
Field of SpecialisationSFA undertakes projects spanning the
broad spectrum of landscape
architecture, from policy and
conservation work, to feasibility studies,
landscape restoration schemes, detailed
design and implementation. Careful
research, attention to detail and creativity
are hallmarks of an approach which
consistenltly delivers high quality
landscape design.
Typical ProjectPlaces
Vajra Meditation Retreat - Bali
Sekolah Alam – Cikeas
Sebali Guest Villa - Bali
Garden of Hope – Bali
Darmohill – Surabaya
Garuda Wisnu Kencana – Bali
Pradha Jimbaran - Bali
Lonsum Botanical Garden - Medan
Balikpapan Botanical Garden
Samarinda Residence
Sculpture Park – Bandung
Taman Niaga Karawang Prima
Liwa Botanical Garden
Cibinong Ecology Park
Extension to the Cibinong Ecology Park
Cibinong Biotechnology Research Park
Sumatran Tiger Conservation Centre –
Awards3rd winner of Maghtab Park Design
Competition - Malta
2nd winner of Garden of Hope Design
Competition – Nusa Dua Bali
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