The Coordination agency for Foreign and Affiliated Consultant
The National Association of Indonesian Consulting Engineering Companies (INKINDO)

Badan Koordinasi Keanggotaan Afiliasi (BKKA)


BKKA (Badan Koordinasi Keanggotaan Afiliasi) the Coordination agency for Foreign and Affiliated Consultant firms established in 24 June 1998, is an entity within the organizational structure of the DPN INKINDO (National Management Board), which have been formed to accommodate consultancy services of Indonesian legal entities whose shares are partly or wholly owned by foreign consulting services companies (PMA), and foreign consulting services company that does not have an Indonesian legal entity, but has a branch office or representative (project) office in Indonesia

Executive Board Member

Our Association is led by volunteers for BKKA Board of Management, Comprises of :

BKKA's Member

According to the Database 2018 (see Annex 2), BKKA has 107 firm members of the company, coming from shareholders domiciled in 22 countries around world. It was identified that members of BKKA originating from Top 7 countries were Japan (22), USA (11), China (10), UK (10), The Netherlands (9), Australia (8) and France (7). 

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